Each perfect moment

I was struck by 'Thought for the Day' on Radio 4 this morning. Vicky Beeching was reflecting on the Queen's comment that all she sees now when she meets the public is a sea of mobile phones. Vicky mused on where we have got to in our technological world where "we capture the moment before we experience it..." 


This made me think about an afternoon at my brothers' house around 20 years ago. He was very into photography and had the latest video camera...he documented our daughters having tea and playing together during the few previous weeks and I was astonished to see, as we were watching the video being played back on the TV, that he had filmed us up to the very moment we were in... I had this feeling that art was creeping up on life and it was a strange existential moment. It made me feel that we weren't really there but were players in a set piece, like the Truman Show, that wonderful film that shines a light on the soap opera that is modern life.


One of those daughters, now grown up, is studying the writing of Katherine Mansfield and we were talking of how she (Mansfield) is able to capture how children are very much 'in the moment' in the way that they live their lives - there is an intensity about the way children live that we tend to lose as we get older; the ability to be absorbed, transformed even, by what is happening to us right now. The utter delight of each new experience.


Or, as Vicky Beeching put it, "soaking in the moment and feeling fully alive". She referred to the apostle Paul's writing about how we see through a glass, or a lens, in this world, but in the world to come we will see Christ face to face.


Even if, spiritually speaking, we can only dimly grasp the eternal mysteries, we should make the most of all that we experience now, in this wonderful moment in time that God has given us on this most beautiful planet.



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