Where are the labels?

Where are the labels for these ones?

We went to the zoo last Thursday; some of the families from Little Rooks Parents and Toddlers at Tooting URC. We saw the otters being fed and the meerkats getting jealous; we saw spider monkeys having fun, a rotund pig, tiny fieldmice looking cute - and much more of course.

Lovely Battersea Park in the sunshine! And the zoo was delightful. How helpful to have labels; this is the animal's name, this is its habitat, it eats this and that, it has messy table manners, it likes to sleep in the daytime... all useful to know.


But what about the creatures looking in? With their sunhats askew, blobs of suncream  on their noses, their vacant expressions when called, their sulks and their tantrums and their sudden joys. Who will explain them to us?


And don't let us get started on other people's children...one of our little girls got bitten! Poor little cheek going home all tooth marked.. there was no label on the savage two year old, warning us. He looked harmless, sitting all alone.


As any parent knows, they don't come with manuals. We should know how to feed them, exercise them, let them play, but each one is unique, particular and impossible to label. Let's resist the urge!


Made in the image of God; utterly fascinating.


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