Knitted Madness

 Knitted Madness!

They've made bride drunk at the wedding of Cana, they've toppled an elderly gentleman into the Pool of Bethesda, followed by the paddle on which the story is written - they've hauled the paralysed man up and down so fast he's fallen at the feet of Jesus from a height and his friends have fallen in with him. They've liberated the pigs, tangled the doves and pocketed the housewife's lost coin. They complain that the water in the Pool doesn't taste too good and, in general, wanted to stay longer. They say 'Wow' when they come into the church and 'that was cool' when they leave. They drop Noah's rat behind the table and try and put Jesus up on the hill on his cross. He also made a brief appearance in the lion's den with Daniel.

In other words, the young visitors to our Knitted Bible exhibition are interacting with the Bible stories, which is what we intended. And how's this for community spirit? One particular class were very taken with what they thought was a real diamond at the wedding feast. It disappeared and was being passed around the classroom, we heard later. One pupil was worried and managed to retrieve it. He asked a teacher to quietly return it with the next class. We don't know who that boy is but we are grateful that he is prepared to stand up for us.

Every year I am amazed at how these children of the digital age are fascinated by this age-old technology and even more ancient (perhaps) biblical tales. We sometimes get involved in weighty theological discussions too. Perhaps God didn't create the world as it says in the Bible, perhaps God doesn't event exist and perhaps the bride did have a snooze at the wedding, who knows? 

It's knitted madness at St Andrew's this week. And that's just how we like it.

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