What's This?

The traffic lights are red, but we, who are walking in the road walk on, the traffic is stopped

although their light is showing green.

Some are curious, some are annoyed as they want to get on with doing what they want to do, to get on to where they are going. Some are abusive not because they are being held up, but cross at religion of whatever kind.

Today is Good Friday and the Christians of Balham and Tooting have come together to remember the ten stages of events leading to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ our saviour. Others just see it as a bank holiday, a day to shop, an extra day to a bank holiday weekend to take a holiday away.

It was a holiday atmosphere in Jerusalem for the Passover and many people would have been preoccupied with preparations for the Passover meal.  Perhaps there were those  trying get though the crowds and hold ups that the Roman soldiers were creating  with their prisoner, they were taking for execution though the narrow streets of Jerusalem. They no doubt were frustrated and annoyed at not being able to go about their daily occupations.

But there were those who knew it was an injustice. Jesus the one who healed sick people, made the blind see, the lame to walk. Why, they may have asked what treat could he be to the Jewish authorities. What would visitors to Jerusalem be thinking? May be they were frighten not wanting to be caught up in political fights. Some may have turn round and double back through the back streets, like those who were held up by our the Walk of Witness.

The Walk of Witness starts at the Salvation Army Citadel in Balham and ends at St Boniface Catholic Church in Tooting. It is not advertise outside the local churches and rarely reported in the local news. The walk has been held every year since 1979. It is done out of our love for Jesus. It is also hoped that those who see us will notice and remember what Good Friday holiday is about or ask the question what’s this?      

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